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"We focus on highly critical, strategic ICT Security and Cyber Defense issues, providing state-of-the-art, innovative Solutions and reliable Services to our global Customers"

Security Brokers was established in 2012 after a two years long stealth start-up phase.

The Company has been designed from the ground up in order to be an agile, forward thinking, trustable ICT Security and Cyber Defense services provider, with a 360 degree vision and a global perspective.

Thanks to the know-how and specialization of our 20+ Key Partners, who have gathered over 15 years each of world-class experience in the ICT Security and Cyber Defense fields, we can claim 300+ combined years of expertise and references at the highest levels.

Security Brokers is a new kind of InfoSec Company, an elite Team of trusted peers that includes several globally respected Ethical Hackers, ICT Security Researchers, top-class Information Security, ICT Law and GRC Experts from all over the world.

Want to discuss any Information Security, GRC and Cyber Defense issue, or to organize an Awareness Workshop at the Executive or Technical level?
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Security Brokers @ the Italian Security Summit by CLUSIT, Rome, 2013 edition

05 June 2013

Once again Security Brokers is one of the sponsors of the Security Summit organized by CLUSIT, the Italian Information Security Association.

For the 2013 Rome edition, SB will showcase some of its most intriguing speakers: Prof. Isabella Corradini, Eng. Selene Giupponi, Mr. Andrea Zapparoli Manzoni and Mr. Raoul Chiesa.


On Day 1 (June 5th) at 2PM ('till 3.30PM) Mr. Andrea Zapparoli Manzoni will speak about Access Governance and Fraud Management, along with speakers Mr. Paolo Chieregatti and Mr. Filippo Giannelli.

Still on June 5 at 4PM ('till 5.30PM), Prof. Isabella Corradini, Eng. Selene Giupponi and Mr. Raoul Chiesa will deliver a totally intriguing presentation named "Digital Forensics and Criminal Profiling: analysis of practical case studies", focusing on those links between the technical and the psychological approach, when dealing with Digital Forensics investigations.

On June 6th at 10.30AM ('till 11.15AM), Raoul will be the chairman of a very particular session, which will be focused on Books' Publishing and Information Security: among the prestigious guests we may list Mr. Giovanni Hoepli (Publisher, Hoepli Publishing House), Ms. Anna La Rosa (Project Officer for the National Security Observatory/OSN at the Higher Center for Defense Studies/CASD), Eng. Giorgio Tosi Beleffi (ISCOM and Ministry for Economical Development) and General B.A. Giuseppe Romania, Vice Director and Head of the Technical, Economical and Industrial Politics Department at the Strategic Studies Military Center (CeMISS) at the CASD.

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